Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going once...going twice...SOLD! to the highest bidder.

Table decor
On 27th May, Carinus once again hosted the annual Banquet and Art Auction. The theme this year centered around "Green Cuisine" which was inspired by the class theme for this term of being eco-friendly. Going along with this theme the hanging flowers and most of the other decor was made with scrap paper, newspaper and magazines.

The staff incorporated the theme into the menu by serving an array of green foods which included Leg of Lamb served with Salsa Verde, as part of the main course, Pistachio Ice Cream and mint leaves dipped in chocolate as part of the dessert.

Apple Schnapps Cocktails
The auction included both artworks very kindly donated by local Eastern Cape artists as well as learners. This year we had the addition of a silent auction which was innovative way of buying art for those that are little less outspoken. 

All-in-all it was a very successful evening and we have had a lot of positive feedback. The Carinus staff would like to thank all the artists that so willingly gave their artworks for the evening, and to thank the guests that participated with such enthusiasm.  

Junior Silent Auction

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