Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bathurst Show 2011

Every year, Carinus enters artworks done by the leaners into the Bathurt Show, which was held from 1 - 3 April. We, the staff, are always delighted when the leaners do well and this year was no exception. Two learners, both from PJ Olivier won the "Best show" prize for their category: Ruphael de Reuck (Grade 5) and Jasmine Kumm (Grade 8). From the Junior (Grade 4 - 9) section Carinus learners won 25 gold and 43 silver awards, whilst in the Senior (Grade 10-12) section Carinus learners won 16 gold and 26 silver awards.

We would like to thank all the learners that participated for all their hard work and encourage them to continue to enjoy their art.

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