About Carinus

A Brief History of Johan Carinus Art Centre

1948 - 2013
Johan Carinus Art Centre came into being in 1948. At that time none of the government schools in Grahamstown had fully qualified art teachers and so it was decided that an art centre should supply this need. In December 1947, Miss Eleanor Brown, then principal of Victoria Girls' High School, presented a petition to the administrator of the Cape, Mr. Johan Carinus.
Following his approval, the Art centre was established in Truro house, a Late Victorian building previously used by the Grahamstown Teacher's College as a hostel. Initially these buildings were rented, but 20 years later in 1968, they were acquired by the Cape Education Department. Later due to the increased number of pupils and additional subjects, more space was required. Consequently on 1976, Grant House, the old Graeme College Hostel as the Art Centre Annex.
Later Truro House, originally build by the Gowie family in 1840, was declared a National Monument. Restoration took place and in March 1987 the opening ceremony was conducted by Mr. Jack Meyer, who became principal of the Art Centre in 1959. The Art centre has now been in existence for 65 years and continues to inspire creativity and provide an exceptionally high standard of art education for the pupils of Victoria Girls' High School, PJ Olivier High School, Graeme College and Victoria Primary school.

Our Vision
We strive to provide a conducive environment that will enable every learner to realize their full creative potential in preparation for life.

Our Mission Statement
We support every learner and educator in the mutual development of their personal capacity and character, by engendering:
1948 - academic endeavor and artistic practice
1949 - sound moral and spiritual values
1950 - self awareness and respect for others
1951 - self discipline
1952 - individuality and independence of thought
1953 - a spirit of community service
We encourage active parental and community participation in order to upgrade our educational facilities and enhance the school's public profile, so that it's unique qualities may be shared and celebrated amidst a culturally diverse community.